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EC Cargo Dubai Careers 2023 : Dive into the world of Job Opportunities in Dubai. EC Cargo Dubai is rolling out positions packed with attractive job benefits. If you’re an online job finder, then you’re in luck! Dream Career Guide is your source for a Free Job Alert in 2023. Don’t miss out on this new job vacancy. Ready to apply? Start your Job Application with us today.

The job’s context is clearer when we first highlight EC Cargo Dubai’s role.


About EC Cargo Dubai

EC cargo is a worldwide cargo delivery network that provides air, sea, road cargo and end to end freight logistics, all under a single roof. They started our services in 2015 ,now they have branches in five Emirates, and also we have expanded it to Saudi Arabia.


EC Cargo Dubai Careers Latest Job Openings.

Eyeing Job Opportunities in Dubai? EC Cargo Dubai is a name that resonates. Renowned for their employee services and with a new vacancy often up, they’re a top pick. Check below.

  • Accountant – 2Nos
  • Logistics Coordinator – 2Nos  (Male & Female)
  • Customer Care Executive – 6NO
  • Labour Helper – 10NOS
  • Driver – 3Nos


Duties and responsibilities for the Latest EC Cargo Dubai Careers.

When diving into Job Opportunities in Dubai, EC Cargo Dubai Careers portal takes center stage. Their unmatched company benefits make them a top pick for many. As they unveil their latest job postings and vacancies, here’s a closer look at the duties and responsibilities associated:


  1. Financial Reporting: Prepare and maintain financial statements, records, and reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.
  2. Budget Management: Assist in creating and managing budgets, tracking expenses, and ensuring adherence to financial plans.
  3. Auditing and Compliance: Ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations, conduct internal audits, and prepare for external audits, addressing any findings or issues.
  4. Taxation: Manage and prepare tax returns, advise on tax planning, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Logistics Coordinator:

  1. Supply Chain Management: Coordinate and optimize the flow of goods, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory control, to ensure efficient logistics operations.
  2. Shipment Tracking: Track and monitor the movement of goods, shipments, and delivery schedules, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.
  3. Documentation: Manage logistics-related documentation, including customs documentation, import/export paperwork, and shipping records.
  4. Vendor and Carrier Relations: Collaborate with vendors, carriers, and suppliers to negotiate terms, manage relationships, and address logistics-related issues.

Customer Care Executive:

  1. Customer Support: Provide exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries, concerns, and requests from customers through various communication channels.
  2. Issue Resolution: Assist customers in resolving problems, complaints, and issues, ensuring a positive customer experience.
  3. Product Knowledge: Maintain a deep understanding of products or services to provide accurate information and recommendations to customers.
  4. Feedback Collection: Collect and analyze customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints to identify areas for improvement and contribute to service enhancements.

Labour Helper:

  1. Manual Labor: Perform various manual labor tasks, such as lifting, carrying, and moving heavy objects, as well as handling tools and equipment.
  2. General Maintenance: Support maintenance and repair activities, assist in cleaning and organizing work areas, and perform basic maintenance of tools and equipment.
  3. Inventory Management: Assist in tracking and managing inventory, including counting and organizing materials and supplies.
  4. Site Cleanup: Participate in cleaning and organizing work areas, including construction sites, warehouses, or outdoor spaces, to maintain a safe and orderly environment.


  1. Safe Driving: Operate vehicles safely and responsibly, adhering to traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers and cargo.
  2. Route Planning: Plan and optimize driving routes to reach destinations efficiently and on time.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: Ensure regular maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle, including checking oil, brakes, and tire condition.
  4. Cargo Handling: Load and unload cargo, check cargo for accuracy, and secure it properly during transportation.

Ec Cargo Dubai Careers 2023 Job Opportunities in Dubai


How to apply ?

EC Cargo Dubai Careers shines the spotlight on Job Opportunities in Dubai. They’re not just about listing jobs. Their employee services are known for catering to individual needs, making transitions smooth. On top of that, their company benefits make them a top choice for many. Candidates who can join immediately are preferred. Interested in their roles? Attend the walkin interview, details given below.

Interview Date :

2023 November 8, 9


Interview Time :

11:00 Am to 3:00 Pm


Interview Location :

Al Mulla Warehouse, Warehouse No.1,3 – Amman St, Opposite Calicut Paragon Hotel, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3, Dubai


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Q: How can I apply for this job vacancy at EC Cargo Dubai Dubai?

You can apply by either using the company’s email ID or the application link provided above. If the email ID is given, simply copy it, paste it in your email client, attach your resume, and send it. If it’s the application link, click on it, fill out the required information on the redirected page, and submit it.

Q: Do I have to pay EC Cargo Dubai Dubai after receiving an offer letter?

A: No, this is a direct job vacancy from EC Cargo Dubai Job Vacancy in Dubai and there are no intermediaries involved. If you are selected, you will be hired by EC Cargo Dubai Dubai and there will be no cost to you. If you receive an offer letter from someone claiming to be EC Cargo Dubai Dubai, it’s likely a scam. Do not fall for it.

Q: When will I receive an interview call from EC Cargo Dubai Job Vacancy in Dubai?

A: After you submit your application, EC Cargo Dubai Dubai will evaluate it in the coming days. If you are shortlisted, they will contact you via email for an interview and further process.

Q: How long will it take for EC Cargo Dubai Job Vacancy in Dubai to evaluate my application and provide an update?

A: It depends. It could take anywhere from a week to a month or more, and some companies may never respond. It all depends on the number of applicants and the hiring process of the company.

Q: I have applied to multiple vacancies but haven’t received any responses from the companies. Why is this?

A: There could be many reasons for this. The companies may have received thousands of applications and yours didn’t stand out. Or they may have already hired the required number of candidates. As an applicant, all you can do is apply and hope for the best, but getting a response from all your applications is not guaranteed. Keep trying and don’t give up.

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