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MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers  : Work in Dubai is buzzing! MCM Integrated Property Maintenance has announced a new vacancy that promises top-notch company benefits. Stay updated with Dream Career Guide for the latest Job Alert. From job recruitment to employee services, we got you covered.

Setting the context with MCM Integrated Property Maintenance’s profile makes the job talk straightforward.


About MCM Integrated Property Maintenance

MCM Integrated Property Maintenance provides all types of Soft & Hard Service Facility Management in various business verticals such as Residential & Commercial Establishments, Health Care, Educational Institutions, Religious Structures, and Shopping Malls & Hotels.


MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers Latest Openings.

If you’re aiming to Work in Dubai, MCM Integrated Property Maintenance should be a part of your considerations. MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers consist of remarkable employee services and consistent new vacancy updates make them a top choice. Check out their latest roles below.

  • Painter & Decorator

– Will provide accommodation, visa, 2 years flight ticket, and 1500 AED.


  • Mini Van Manual Driver

– Will provide accommodation, visa, 2 years flight ticket, and a salary ranging from 2000 AED to 2500 AED.


  • Handyman

– Will provide accommodation, visa, 2 years flight ticket.
– Experience: 3-5 years
– Salary: 2000 AED – 2500 AED


  • Housekeeping Staff

– Experience: 2-3 years
– Salary: 1200 AED – 1800 AED
– Requires 2-3 years of experience in Dubai.


Duties and Responsibilities For the Latest MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers.

When aspiring to Work in Dubai, many consider MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Company. MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers department has enticing company benefits and top-notch employee services set them apart. Recently announcing a new vacancy, here’s a breakdown of the duties and responsibilities for this role:

Painter & Decorator:

  1. Surface Preparation: Prepare surfaces for painting by cleaning, sanding, and filling cracks or holes to ensure a smooth finish.
  2. Paint Application: Apply paint using various techniques, including brushing, rolling, or spraying, to achieve desired aesthetics.
  3. Colour Consultation: Provide input on colour selection and coordinate with clients to meet their preferences.
  4. Decorative Finishes: Apply decorative finishes, such as wallpaper, stencilling, or faux finishes, to enhance visual appeal.

Mini Van Manual Driver:

  1. Safe Driving: Operate a manual transmission minivan safely, following traffic rules and ensuring the safety of passengers and cargo.
  2. Route Planning: Plan and optimize driving routes to reach destinations efficiently and on time.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: Perform basic maintenance checks on the minivan, including checking oil levels, tire pressure, and fuel.
  4. Cargo Handling: Load and unload cargo safely, securing items to prevent damage during transportation.


  1. General Repairs: Perform a variety of general repairs, including fixing plumbing issues, repairing electrical fixtures, and addressing minor carpentry tasks.
  2. Maintenance Work: Conduct routine maintenance tasks, such as replacing light bulbs, lubricating moving parts, and checking for safety hazards.
  3. Assembly and Installation: Assemble furniture, install fixtures, and handle minor installations as needed.
  4. Tool Management: Maintain and organize tools, ensuring they are in good working condition and readily available for tasks.

Housekeeping Staff:

  1. Cleaning Operations: Perform cleaning tasks, including sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming, to maintain a clean and orderly environment.
  2. Room Preparation: Prepare guest rooms or living spaces by making beds, arranging furniture, and ensuring amenities are stocked.
  3. Laundry Services: Handle laundry tasks, including washing, folding, and organizing linens and clothing.
  4. Inventory Control: Monitor and replenish cleaning supplies, toiletries, and amenities to ensure availability for daily operations.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply For the Latest MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers ?

MCM Integrated Property Maintenance unveils a new vacancy, promising competitive company benefits and dedicated employee services. Eligibility details are outlined below.


Painter & Decorator :

  • 3-5 Years Experience in Dubai clean Driving Licence.


Mini Van Manual Driver :

  • 5 Years of Experience in Dubai.
  • Must be able to paint interior and exterior strong technical Ability and understanding of all painting techniques including spray-painting.


Handyman :

  • 5 Years of Experience in Dubai in Multiple Experience with Plumbing, AC, Carpentry & Electrical.


Housekeeping Staff :

  • 2-3 Years Experience in Dubai.

MCM Integrated Property Maintenance LLC Careers


How to apply ?

Venturing into Work in Dubai? MCM Integrated Property Maintenance stands as a beacon for job seekers. They excel in offering outstanding company benefits and dedicated employee services. And if you’ve been hearing about job recruitment drives, MCM Integrated Property Maintenance is often behind them. Considering a new career chapter? Find out how to apply below.


Step-by-Step Guide :

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Ensure your CV and cover letter are updated for the specific job.
  2. Click Apply Now: Find and select the Apply Now button below.
  3. Complete the Form: Fill in the requested details and upload your CV and cover letter.
  4. Review: Carefully check all information for accuracy.
  5. Submit: Once everything looks good, click the Submit button to finalize your application.


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Q: How can I apply for this job vacancy at MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Dubai?

You can apply by either using the company’s email ID or the application link provided above. If the email ID is given, simply copy it, paste it in your email client, attach your resume, and send it. If it’s the application link, click on it, fill out the required information on the redirected page, and submit it.

Q: Do I have to pay MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Dubai after receiving an offer letter?

A: No, this is a direct job vacancy from MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Job Vacancy in Dubai and there are no intermediaries involved. If you are selected, you will be hired by MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Dubai and there will be no cost to you. If you receive an offer letter from someone claiming to be MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Dubai, it’s likely a scam. Do not fall for it.

Q: When will I receive an interview call from MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Job Vacancy in Dubai?

A: After you submit your application, MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Dubai will evaluate it in the coming days. If you are shortlisted, they will contact you via email for an interview and further process.

Q: How long will it take for MCM Integrated Property Maintenance Job Vacancy in Dubai to evaluate my application and provide an update?

A: It depends. It could take anywhere from a week to a month or more, and some companies may never respond. It all depends on the number of applicants and the hiring process of the company.

Q: I have applied to multiple vacancies but haven’t received any responses from the companies. Why is this?

A: There could be many reasons for this. The companies may have received thousands of applications and yours didn’t stand out. Or they may have already hired the required number of candidates. As an applicant, all you can do is apply and hope for the best, but getting a response from all your applications is not guaranteed. Keep trying and don’t give up.

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