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Almana group of companies vacancies : When the allure of UAE jobs beckons, Dream Career Guide is poised to guide your path. We’ve singled out an optimal opportunity tailor-made for you at Almana Group of Companies, a beacon of excellence in the UAE landscape. Almana Group of Companies lays pivotal emphasis on in-depth background verification for every role, setting the stage for a secure and forward-moving ambiance for its workforce. Moreover, a suite of commendable company benefits stand at the ready. Intrigued about the positions available?

There’s an expansive horizon to explore. Bearing in mind the ever-fluctuating nature of the UAE jobs sphere, positions can open and close in the blink of an eye. Should UAE jobs be your target, the time is ripe to embark on this quest. As you weigh your options, be reminded that Dream Career Guide is an eminent force amidst the free job posting platforms in UAE. Venture deeper, aligning Almana Group of Companies’s propositions with your career aspirations and keeping an ear out for our Job Alert to stay updated.

Before unpacking the job intricacies, let’s embark on a short tour of Almana Group of Companies, laying the foundation for context and understanding.


About Almana Group of Companies

Almana Group of Companies is a family of local companies bound not only by business ties and partnerships but with the purpose of providing Filipinos better lives. The Almana Group of Companies is an 18-member group of diverse companies ranging from consumer goods, manufacturing, tolling, distribution, logistics, financing, media, creative, agriculture, food services, investment management, power generation, and construction.


Almana group of companies vacancies Latest Job Openings.

Eyeing UAE jobs? Here’s a rundown of the present new vacancy slots at Almana Group of Companies. Step forth into an ecosystem where your prowess isn’t merely recognized but celebrated, with every position potentially being the catalyst for a luminous career trajectory.

  •  Executive Assistant
  •  Junior Internal Auditor
  •  Operations Supervisor
  •  PMVIC Operations Supervisor
  •  Sales Admin Assistant
  •  Site Safety Officer
  •  Treasury Staff


Duties and Responsibilities For the Latest Almana group of companies vacancies

In the realm of UAE jobs, lucidity reigns supreme. Almana Group of Companies stands as a paragon of transparency, laying bare the quintessential duties tied to their most recent job recruitment drives:

Executive Assistant

Calendar Management:
– Manage the executive’s calendar, schedule appointments, and coordinate meetings.
– Prioritize and organize tasks to ensure efficient use of the executive’s time.

Communication Liaison:
– Act as a liaison between the executive and internal/external stakeholders.
– Draft emails, memos, and other communications on behalf of the executive.

Junior Internal Auditor

Audit Planning:
– Assist in planning and conducting internal audits to assess financial and operational processes.
– Collaborate with the audit team to develop audit objectives and testing procedures.

Audit Reporting:
– Prepare audit reports detailing findings, recommendations, and suggested improvements.
– Present audit results to management and provide support in implementing corrective actions.

Operations Supervisor

Team Leadership:
– Lead and supervise daily operations, ensuring team productivity and adherence to processes.
– Provide guidance, coaching, and training to team members.

Process Improvement:
– Identify areas for operational improvement and implement efficient processes.
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

PMVIC Operations Supervisor

Vehicle Inspection Oversight:
– Supervise the operations of the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC).
– Ensure compliance with inspection procedures and regulatory requirements.

Team Coordination:
– Coordinate and oversee the work of inspection personnel to maintain quality and efficiency.
– Address issues related to vehicle inspections and customer service.

Sales Admin Assistant

Order Processing:
– Assist in processing sales orders, ensuring accuracy in product selection, quantities, and pricing.
– Coordinate with various departments to facilitate order fulfillment and delivery to customers.

Customer Communication:
– Serve as a point of contact for customer inquiries, providing information on products, order status, and delivery schedules.
– Respond promptly to customer emails, calls, and messages, addressing queries and concerns.

Site Safety Officer

Safety Inspections:
– Conduct regular safety inspections to identify hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
– Implement corrective actions to address safety concerns and prevent accidents.

Training and Awareness:
– Provide safety training to employees and contractors, promoting a culture of safety awareness.
– Communicate safety policies and procedures, ensuring understanding and compliance.

Treasury Staff

Cash Management:
– Assist in managing and reconciling daily cash transactions.
– Monitor cash flow, ensuring sufficient funds for operational needs.

Financial Reporting:
– Prepare reports related to treasury activities, including cash positions and investment portfolios.
– Collaborate with finance and accounting teams to support accurate financial reporting.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply For the Latest Almana group of companies vacancies ? 

At its core, Almana Group of Companies yearns for candidates who are unwavering in their pursuit of professional evolution. Below are the eligibility benchmarks, encapsulating their exhaustive background checks.

Executive Assistant

  • Must be a Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering graduate
  • Has good communications skills
  • Must have knowledge with technical terms and processes related to construction, bidding, supply, leasing, and licensing
  • Preferably with experience in administrative works, and engineering related works (project engineer, field engineer, quantity surveyor, etc.)

Junior Internal Auditor

  • Must have a degree in Accounting and preferably a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Must have experience in Financial Audit and Financial Analysis
  • With exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be well-organized and systematic with keen attention to details

Operations Supervisor

  • Must be a Mechanical Engineering graduate
  • Has knowledge regarding Heavy Equipment parts
  • Must have good analytical, leadership and problem solving skills
  • With good interpersonal skills
  • Preferably with experience in manning of operators and drivers, and supervising daily operations
  • Preferably with Driver’s License or knows how to drive

PMVIC Operations Supervisor

  • Must be a graduate of BS Mechanical Engineering or any related course
  • With at least 3-5 years of experience in planning maintenance operations and customer service
  • With understanding in technical aspects of emission testing activities
  • Demonstrates strong project and time management skills with ability to lead, multi-task, and prioritize multiple projects
  • Ability to process regulatory compliance requirements
  • Willing to be assigned in Kabankalan City
  • With driver’s license

 Sales Admin Assistant

  • Must be a graduate from any Business related Courses
  • With at least two (2) years of experience related to the office and business management; excellent PR, communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, excellent presentation skills, computer literate
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Can work under pressure

 Site Safety Officer

  • Must be a License Nurse
  • Must be knowledgeable in First Aide
  • Can provide First Aide or emergency treatment onsite
  • Can develop and implement health and safety programs
  • Must be willing to be assigned in Canlaon City

 Treasury Staff

  • Must be a graduate of any accounting or business related course
  • Has good interpersonal skills
  • With at least 2 years of experience in handling billings, accounting, and other treasury-related works

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies

 Almana group of companies vacancies


How to apply ?

As you navigate the dynamic corridors of UAE jobs, Almana Group of Companies emerges as a gold standard, fortified by its stringent background assessments. Aspirants matching the delineated criteria can anticipate an enthralling journey ahead, enriched by Almana Group of Companies’s unparalleled company benefits and a myriad of employee services.

For the cohort zealous about UAE jobs, Almana Group of Companies distinguishes itself with its all-encompassing background evaluation. If you resonate with the set benchmarks, the horizon brimming with Almana Group of Companies’s standout employee services and a spectrum of roles beckons.

1. Refresh your CV, spotlighting pertinent expertise and accomplishments.
2. Dispatch it to the specified job recruitment email of Almana Group of Companies.
3. Eagerly await an update from Almana Group of Companies’s recruitment ensemble.


Send your CV to Almana Group of Companies HR email ID : 


Carving a niche within the vast expanse of UAE jobs is simplified with the accompaniment of Dream Career Guide, a trailblazer among free job posting hubs in UAE. As the road ahead unfolds, let the allure of extensive company benefits be a driving force. Stay connected, enable your Job Alert, and watch this space for frequent vacancy updates. With Dream Career Guide in your corner, a successful career odyssey awaits!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Dream Career Guide is not a recruitment agency nor affiliated with any such consultancies. We are a blog website that advertises free career-related news. We do not charge jobseekers for any services, and we are not responsible for any fraudulent activity by recruiters. Be wary of any recruiters who ask for payment, as it’s a red flag that they may not be legitimate. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, please contact us immediately. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all jobseekers.


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Q: How can I apply for this job vacancy at Almana Group of Companies Dubai?

You can apply by either using the company’s email ID or the application link provided above. If the email ID is given, simply copy it, paste it in your email client, attach your resume, and send it. If it’s the application link, click on it, fill out the required information on the redirected page, and submit it.

Q: Do I have to pay Almana Group of Companies Dubai after receiving an offer letter?

A: No, this is a direct job vacancy from Almana Group of Companies Job Vacancy in Dubai and there are no intermediaries involved. If you are selected, you will be hired by Almana Group of Companies Dubai and there will be no cost to you. If you receive an offer letter from someone claiming to be Almana Group of Companies Dubai, it’s likely a scam. Do not fall for it.

Q: When will I receive an interview call from Almana Group of Companies Job Vacancy in Dubai?

A: After you submit your application, Almana Group of Companies Dubai will evaluate it in the coming days. If you are shortlisted, they will contact you via email for an interview and further process.

Q: How long will it take for Almana Group of Companies Job Vacancy in Dubai to evaluate my application and provide an update?

A: It depends. It could take anywhere from a week to a month or more, and some companies may never respond. It all depends on the number of applicants and the hiring process of the company.

Q: I have applied to multiple vacancies but haven’t received any responses from the companies. Why is this?

A: There could be many reasons for this. The companies may have received thousands of applications and yours didn’t stand out. Or they may have already hired the required number of candidates. As an applicant, all you can do is apply and hope for the best, but getting a response from all your applications is not guaranteed. Keep trying and don’t give up.

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